Weihnachten and Other Nice Things

This month I was more active than the last five months. My first trip out of the hospital area was a tour with other patients and therapists to the Christmas market in Alexanderplatz in the middle of Berlin. I definitely missed being surrounded by such traffic and crowds. I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of different smells in the city, breathing the taste of pollution, Döner kebab and Glühwein.

I visited the Weltzeituhr, which is the place to meet. I was curving around the TV tower, trying to avoid the stairs, and finally enjoying all of the concrete that makes the city accessible for me.

On the way back to Hackescher Markt I passed along my university campus which brought up a lot of memories. Now I hate traffic lights because they are challenges for me, like hurdles with a countdown. F***ing Bürgersteig. However, now I love public transportation even more than I did before the accident. I really missed traveling by S-Bahn.

Back to the hospital, basically back home and just two days later I started another trip to the Alex. Our company was celebrating Christmas in the fancy Soho House, so with a spontaneous decision to join the party, I surprised all of my colleagues. Uninsured and against the advice of the doctors, I had my first trip out of the hospital for more than five hours and late into the night. My colleagues welcomed me with applause and a standing ovation, which highly motivates me to come back to the office.

There is actually a good part about being handicapped and staying in the hospital. For the first time in my life, I was not in transit to visit all my family members during Christmas, but rather they came to visit me.

On the 24th of December, I had a Christmas lunch in an Italian restaurant with my brother, mum, girlfriend and stepfather. On the next day, an even bigger crowd of family members came to visit me. My dad, his wife, my step-sister and grandparents brought a duck and prepared a fancy table for us all, where I probably had the best food and drinks since my accident. I received 3kg of chocolate, 1kg meatballs and 5l of beer.

Now I am looking forward to finishing this life-changing year and to restart in 2018. Guten Rutsch!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Jan, it’s wonderful to see you recovering and starting a new life! Great decision to join your company party spontaneously and surprise everyone! All the best, buddy!!

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