Assistive Technology


I am presenting some solutions for people who cannot control a computer, tablet, or smartphone with their hands. Assistive technology supports the main functionalities which are needed: mouse movement and different kinds of clicking.

Computer mouse using head and eye movement

HeadMouse allows you to control the mouse pointer by tracking your head movement.

GlassOuse is an assistive device worn like a pair of glasses and connects to mobile phones, computers, tablets and Smart TVs via Bluetooth. The device tracks even the slightest head movements to move the cursor accordingly while durable bite click part performs the clicking action.

The latest tobii 4 C Eye Tracker provides gaze control for more than 100 games.

Quadstick: A game controller for quadriplegics.

Software for typing and clicking

SofType is an on-screen keyboard with word prediction.

Dragger is a Mouse Button Utility for Windows, it performs automatic mouse button clicks including double-clicks, middle-clicks, right clicks, or drag operations. Orby is an access switch for emulating alternative mouse buttons

Natural User Interaction. NUIA Gesture Control Edition – Control your favorite apps and websites with voice and gestures. NUIA already supports Facebook, YouTube, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, PowerPoint, Picasa, Netflix, iTunes, VLC.

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