Mobile Apps for Wheelchair Users

Toilets and parking spaces


WheelMate lets wheelchair users around the world locate wheelchair-accessible toilets and parking spaces. The WheelMate app currently has more than 30,000 locations across 45 countries and 7000 people have downloaded the app. 

Public Transportation Apps


Route4U is a wheelchair map app. Use the app to find the most accessible routes and places, and navigate on sidewalks from door to door. With user-generated data, the app already includes 800,000 accessible places globally and several thousand kilometers of sidewalks mapped. Voice assisted navigation is coming soon.



Wheelmap is a user-generated website that rates locations and businesses on their wheelchair accessibility on a tricolor basis where red means poor, yellow is fair, and green is good. The site also includes information on bathrooms at these locations and businesses.

It’s Accessible

An app based in Portugal, EsAccessible allows users to assess the physical accessibility of places. Find and share bars, restaurants, hotels, and parking lots that are accessible for people with mobility difficulties and/or wheelchair users.