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What is the purpose of life?

A life of purposes.

My blog started as a journal for friends and family who wanted to stay informed about my critical condition after the life-changing accident.

People were asking my closest circle how I’m doing, what I’m doing, and what is going to happen.

To answer all these messages takes a lot of time. Therefore we decided to create a website and publish public blog articles about my everyday life (in the hospital).

In the first few months, I was not able to breathe, eat, drink, speak, walk etc. by myself.

That’s why my partner, brother and visitors started to write the first articles.

In the meanwhile, I made some significant progress and began to publish myself. Step-by-step I came back to a new kind of life. I can manage today a lot by myself, including that website.

Since the blog post about my diagnosis, I started to write by myself and took over the authorship and administration of the website.

I changed the name of the website and the corresponding domain a couple of times.

Now I’m changing the purpose of this website.

There are many excellent blogs and websites about spinal cord injury, and the challenges as quadriplegic power wheelchair user already online.

You probably already recognized that I stopped writing about myself and personal activities.

First of all, I published a few articles on my particular disability, the spinal cord injury and its treatments.

I was writing about medical issues and secondary conditions, which are making quadriplegic life much more challenging. I hope these pages explain some of my behaviours and give an introduction to my injury.

However, I recognized that there are many websites out there which will provide you with advanced information or research.

Instead, I’m going to focus more on what makes my everyday life more comfortable and potentially for others, too. I’ll write about the empowerment of others based on my experience.

I decided to write about my strength, and this is technology. 

There are not many blogs talking about assistive technology for the current generation.

In the last couple of months and years, the major technology companies released significant updates in regards to voice recognition, universal design, accessibility and assistive technology.

Assistive technology is going to change the life of many forever and much more vital than ever before.

I created two significant categories, mobile apps and hardware. You can assume that I tested all of these products, and I’m using them in my smart home.

I love setting up websites, designing and filling them with content. I was always looking for many years for a specific purpose to publish a site and keep on updating it.

Obviously, I never imagined that particular purpose. 

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  1. Hello Sir
    My name is Tuan and come from Vietnam
    About 2 weeks ago i’ve seen you post on eBay Kleinanzeige about a medical Job/helper on daily basis. Since the post already deleted, i assume you already found a reliable worker for your Team?
    Btw, you’re really a Motivator

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