Greetings from Lithuania and Some Business After an Operation

  • 7am Jan woke up. The nurse started to prepare Jan for the operation. She took the ring from his hand (a present from a friend) and placed it somewhere for safe keeping. We have not been able to find it.
  • 8am Jan received a neck stabilization operation which lasted 5 hours. A small metal plate was installed at the front of his neck to help to support the neck vertebrae and to keep them in the right position. Additionally, a nerve in this area was relaxed. Now Jan suffers from severe pain in the back of his head and neck.
  • 3.30pm Jan practised talking with a special breathing machine. At this time, Jan made a short call to a bank. This was extremely important for his business. If someone were to when Jan came back to work after the trauma, I would say it was today.
  • 11pm After some good painkillers Jan’s headache is gone, but now a fever of 39.8 degrees is causing him discomfort.


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