Showing Up Day

This great picture was made for Jan last week during a monthly bitcoin meetup. All participants sent their greetings and best wishes to Jan. The picture was brought by Joerg and Dylan, and a pair of brothers, Jeremy and Shawn, whose father is in a similar condition since a skiing accident.

Every person who experiences such an accident is different and thus, there are rarely any cases with identical injuries. Nevertheless, I still want to hear their stories and learn about their progress. It proves to me that people are incredibly good at adapting to even the most difficult situations. I have no doubt in Jan’s ability to both find a new way of living and to enjoy life as much as we always have.

Jan and I are very proud of our newly established forms of communication. We have shown off a bit in front of others recently when picking letters to write Jan’s messages to us.

After a visit from Jan’s friends, Jan got a lung cleaning. Nurses anaesthetized him and subsequently entered his lungs with a tiny camera, as it is important to see where the liquids collect in lungs and to check on how it changes. After the cleaning session, Jan slept deeply for a while longer. Nurses have informed me that all the data on him seems positive and that his lungs are improving slightly. I hope for the best.

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