Its been 21 days since it all started.Today Jan had his 20 min breathing training which went well!

Breathing machine was disconnected from Jan and he did breathing on his own.

I and his mother were together with nurse supporting Jan throughout the training.

Looks like Jan is doing perfectly the very first steps in this new life.

Another reason to celebrate is our new technique to communicate.

Since Jan gets the mechanical ventilation through the hole in his neck, he can’t speak.

Not sure how long this will take. It all depends on Jan and his lung improvement.

Despite this challenging condition, Jan has his mind clear and effective.

We learned how to write words with my or Max (Jans brother) help.

How it works: we show Jan a phone screen with an alphabet.

Then we agree on which line the right letter would be. Then we name the letters in the row.

After we mention the correct letter, Jan blinks with his eyes.

That’s how we wrote a message to his family.

Also, this is how he wrote the name and first message for this blog 🙂

Message from Jan:

Heute zweiter Tag mit klarem Verstand. Nachts gekotzt und gut geschlafen.
(Today is a second day with a clear understanding. At night I was coughing and slept good.)

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