Setting Up tecla-e for iPhone to Control a Smartphone Without Hands

Together with assistance, I set up a tecla-e Bluetooth switch control device so that I could independently use my phone when it was attached to my wheelchair.

This was a slight challenge at first, as there did not seem to be any real instructions in the box, however, we found a useful step to step guide here.

We established that the most important part was a small black square with tecla-e on it (we renamed this main computer part ‘the brain’). We found a small black/silver button that we believed would be suitable for me to press with my chin and we pushed it into the ‘brain’ via the 1a part on the tecla-e box and connected it to my phone via Bluetooth.

The tecla-e has a setting (you can find this in ‘settings’ and ‘switches’) that causes an auto-scanning process where different options are highlighted for you on the phone once it is synced and this allows you to press a button to stop the scrolling process.

Unfortunately, this did not work for us when we first tried it. The scrolling process would happen but we couldn’t make a selection. We then tried turning the phone off and on again — and this worked!

It took us a while to figure out how to mount the tecla-e to the wheelchair, as there were no instructions included for this bit, so we used this video to figure it out as it was a bit confusing…

Originally I wanted to put the small button (black and silver) underneath my chin so I could scroll down my phone. We seemed to be missing something to fasten it on to my t-shirt, so we used tape. This worked but I found it uncomfortable to look at the phone screen and to press the button at the same time. We did some experimenting and realised that it fit pretty well on top of the wheelchair, so we taped it on and I use the back of my head to click the button and scroll down my phone. This worked like a charm.

Finally, I can unlock the phone myself, access apps and make and answer phone calls.

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