Breathing And Speaking Exercises

Since yesterday Jan spends much more time exercising to breathe on his own.

Yesterday it took even 4hours. During this time he met his colleagues.

Meeting people and being able to chat with them is the best experience that Jan could enjoy now.

The hardest part after speaking exercises is switching between breathing machines.

While Jan practices to speak, he is using a special tool plugged to the throat.

And all breathing part Jan is doing on his own. In this time he is using different muscles to breathe then the ones he was using before the accident.

Therefore he has to train slowly and only slightly increase time for exercising.

Otherwise, he starts to experience chest muscle soreness. Also, the air coming to Jan’s lungs through the neck hole and not through the nose or mouth is dry. Therefore it is dry and makes the process a bit harder.

After a few exercising hours Jan is switching to another breathing machine which mechanically supports to fill his lungs with the air.

He is still breathing on his own, but the machine is helping to fill more volume of his lungs.

The switch from breathing on his own to a mechanical lung pushing is pretty uncomfortable to handle.

Doctor prognosis is that sometime later Jan will be disconnected from all these breathing machines because it seems that he is doing good progress and he might not need mechanical breathing support.

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