Power Wheelchair Drive to My Office in Berlin Kreuzberg

What a challenge!

I went from the neurological rehabilitation hospital Beelitz Heilstätten to visit my company with its offices at the Transistor coworking space in Berlin Kreuzberg.

The purpose of my trip was a meeting with an auditor of the labour office that is responsible for overseeing the inclusion of employees with a handicap.


While there weren’t many hurdles accessing or moving around our office, it was a major challenge to move through the city.

Berlin is one of the top five accessible cities in the world and this is one of the great perks living and working here.


I was overly confident when preparing for the journey. Unfortunately, I figured out that my favorite southwest route isn’t very accessible – lots of subway stations have no lift. I will probably never forget all these stations for the rest of my life.

These aren’t just “no-go” areas for wheelchair drivers but also for young parents traveling with baby strollers and other people with mobility problems.

Lesson learned: Always carry a copy of the Berlin public transportation map with me. I added this item to my mobility checklist.

There is still a long way to drive.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-20 at 20.38.40

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