Power Wheelchair drive to my office in Berlin Kreuzberg

What a challenge!

I went from the neurological rehabilitation hospital Beelitz Heilstätten to visit my company with its offices at the Transistor coworking space in Berlin Kreuzberg.

The purpose of my trip was a meeting with an auditor of the labour office which is responsible for substituting inclusion of employees with handicap.


While there weren’t many hurdles accessing or driving inside our office, it’s a major challenge to transit through the city.

Berlin belongs to the top five accessible cities in the world and this is one of the great perks living and working here.


I was overly confident to be prepared for the journey. Unfortunately I figured out that my favorite southwest isn’t very accessible – lots of subway stations have no lift. I will probably never forget all these stations for the rest of my life.

These aren’t just “no-go” areas for wheelchair drivers but for young parents traveling with baby strollers and other people having mobility problems.

Lesson learned: Always carry a copy of the Berlin public transportation map with me. I added this item to my mobility checklist.

There is still a long way to drive.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-20 at 20.38.40

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