On My Own

I took the final step to breathe on my own. My logopedist closed the remaining hole in my throat with tape. The skin has grown together and the only thing what’s left is the dark little spot on the throat. Doctors finally took away from me all cables measuring pulse and oxygen level in the blood. This means, that there will be no automatic alarm ringing anymore because the monitor is switched off. There is only left my alarm beeper which I can use, once I want to call for help. If this 20years old tool fails, still there are my personal assistants: Siri and Alexa, to make an emergency call which would be ridiculous to do in a hospital. However, since I left an intensive care station, I never ever had again an emergency case. There were only false alarms due to technical reasons. This was always making my girlfriend scared. Now she knows what does false positive means in a logical way.

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