Suicide Circus On Sunday

There is not much you can do if you are alone and quadriplegic in the hospital. I spend most of my time sleeping and watching tv. That is why I am always very well informed about the weather forecast — I watch it five times a day. Hurricane Xavier, the famous one, took down some Caribbean paradises and then changed direction to bring warmth to Europe.┬áMaybe it was afraid of Donald Trump.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, I was aware of and expecting 25 degrees and sunshine on the weekend. So I spent one week waiting for that moment while suffering in my isolation cell.

One week later, the door to the terrace was closed. The nurse and three service ladies came to my room to explain that we couldn’t go out today, but maybe tomorrow. The bossy chef nurse locked the terrace door and took the key and left work for the whole weekend. Not to disclose any personal information but there was a possibility of a patient attempting to commit suicide.

To combat the closed windows, Zivile and I took the lift upstairs and ate some ice cream on the rooftop terrace. We stayed there for a while to take some selfies and to update our blog.

Conclusion: first check yourself for alternatives, ask twice and say sorry afterwards.

P. S. Suicide Circus is a club in Berlin, where I used to go and dance on Saturday nights and late into Sunday mornings.

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