The New Perspective

After three months lying in bed today Jan sat in a seat for more then an hour. Since Jan was brought to this hospital, I always thought about the day when we could simple get out and enjoy the sun. At that time i though that this sunny day must be in October and i was right.

Jan mentioned how different the world looks when he is sitting. In those long 3 months he get used to reading the world from lying in bed perspective and once he is sitting, even his room looks different.

We met another quadriplegic patient Nico when we went outside. He told how he is using a computer with the mouth mouse stick and that he likes playing computer games a lot. Nico mentioned that using computer is fully possible, slower when typing text, but anything else can be proceeded easily. That is a huge motivation for us. Jan wants to come back to his work, which is his passion, as soon as possible and this looks very much doable.

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