Training To Become More Mobile

Sitting is quite a challenging task to make. Jan is doing this since a few weeks already for 1,5-2 hours every day. Some days seems to work well and other days we need to keep his legs lifted that the blood would flow better.

Sitting in a wheelchair means: balancing in a chair, since the trunk muscles don’t work as before, Jan has to figure out how to balance in a chair with those muscles that are left; shoulder pain, because Jan was lying in bed for so long already and his shoulders experience quite heavy strain; blood pressure disfunction, this is an ongoing problem and most likely will stay with us in the future too, at these moments Jan feels weak and weird in his head, sees unsharp and his reaction is way slower than normally would be. Only sitting by itself is a big training, which asks a lot energy and concentration.

Today Jan was practicing to use en electric wheelchair. That is a new step forward. It was definitely nice to see him mobile and slightly more independent.

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