Today Jan achieved one of his small goals. Since a while he was mentioning that he wishes to see the S-bahn. If you want to watch Berlin trains (called S-bahn) you must to leave hospital and to walk around 2 km. Last week we were seeing trains from the distance, because Jan was sitting in a different wheelchair and we couldn’t reach the station so easily. But today Jan was truly determined to make his goal, even when after first 50 meters I started to complain that it’s s really cold and the path is not so straight to drive with a wheelchair.

I am keep being paranoid about Jan becoming sick again or that the wheelchair would broke and how the hell I would bring him back to hospital. I know that this is not really reasonable, but I have this fear and I must to deal with it, because in the future we gonna make longer trips then this.

It was quite a simple road towards the station. However, we couldn’t avoid little steps and small barriers sometimes. Even the square in front of the hospital is decorated with rough stone lines, and those who walk don’t even notice that, but people in a wheelchairs are shaking when driving through those lines. Funny, that hospital architects didn’t think about that while making the project, since there are so many patients in a wheelchairs driving around.

Easy accessible places and nice paths to drive in the city will be quite important topic for us from now on.

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