Second Life and second birthday

Today is my first anniversary since my life-changing, neck-breaking accident.

It happened to be on the beautiful date of the 17.07.17 at a lonely Paradise Beach on an exotic island during a vacation I planned half a year in advance.

At the peak of my life, I jumped down a wave and landed on the bottom.

Almost nothing will ever be the same as before.

The power of nature put me into a power wheelchair with cervical spinal cord injury.

Now there are two perspectives:

In the German language, they are calling people in my situations “Betroffene” and this sounds like I am a victim.

However, in English literature, it is typical to write about survivors.

I am pretty sure that I belong to the groups of the survivors.

I am also really happy that my mind and voice is still working at 100%.

Therefore today is the day to celebrate the second birthday of my first life and the first birthday of my Second Life.

Cheers, and Thank You, Max, Zivile, Thea, mom and dad.


  1. Congratulations Jan! We wish you all the best and say “happy birthday” to you, continue beeing strong!!!
    Semih and Bettina

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