Second Life and Second Birthday

Today is my first anniversary since my life changing, neck-breaking accident. It happened to be on the beautiful date of the 17.07.17 at a lonely Paradise Beach on an exotic island during a vacation I planned half a year in advance.

At the peak of my life, I jumped through a wave and landed on the bottom. Almost nothing will ever be the same as before. The power of nature put me into a power wheelchair with a cervical spinal cord injury.

Now there are two perspectives: in the German language they are calling people in my situations “Betroffene”¬† and this sounds like I am a victim. However, in English literature, it is typical to write about survivors.

I am pretty sure that I belong to the groups of the survivors. I am also really happy that my mind and voice are still working at 100%. Therefore today is a day to celebrate the second birthday of my first life and the first birthday of my Second Life.

Cheers and Thank You, Max, Zivile, Thea, mom and dad.

2 thoughts on “Second Life and Second Birthday”

  1. Congratulations Jan! We wish you all the best and say “happy birthday” to you, continue beeing strong!!!
    Semih and Bettina

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