My first open air concert as power wheelchair driver

I got an invitation to see the Beatsteaks in Berlin at the famous open air stage Wuhlheide. Finest Punk, Rock & Roll made in my favourite Berlin districts Kreuzberg & Treptow.

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It’s catchy pogo dance music from my teenager disco time years before the hipster era became huge. Everybody was 30+ at the concert, I was surprised how old all these visitors were until I recognized: this is my generation.

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There are definitely some perks for a disabled person and his company visiting a concert at an established stage. Here is what we experienced “an der Wuhlheide”:

  • express entry
  • express security check (“Yes. I just carry my necessary medical devices, no explosives this time.”)
  • premium place to stay for concert with great view and fast access to beer
  • seats reserved for my company
  • fast track to skip the queue for the toilet, useful for my assistant too
  • our own security team

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