Respect and Connection

For more than one year now, my brother has been in rehabilitation. I am really impressed with his power, mindfulness and humour. During my master thesis, he helped me a lot, gave me inspiration, and improved my spelling. In my eyes he is more than strong.

He ate the simple hospital food without complaining. He drove like Sebastian Vettel with his new wheelchair through Berlin. He helped another guy with high paralysis. He works hard in his startup. He smiles a lot. He tried to find some beautiful ladies for me.

I really like how he handles it, my big brother.

I will miss you during my internship in Ghana. You are the best big brother that I could wish for.

You are present in my heart all the time, Bruderherz.

I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with you in Berlin in your flat. I will cook some African food for you and Zivile.

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