So Far So Good

Jan is making great progress. In the last two days, he has spent more and more time breathing on his own and speaking with us. However, today in the afternoon he felt too weak to do this. His lungs were filled with liquids and not allowing him to breathe properly. But by evening time all was well and he fell asleep without any sleeping medication. This was a rare occurrence since the accident and subsequent hospitalization.

Doctors are advising Jan not to rush with speaking and breathing on his own. They have compared it with doing sports and say that starting a marathon with a sprint is never a good idea.

During the day Jan is busy meeting doctors, therapists, and psychologists. In the afternoons and evenings, he is happy to meet people who come to visit him.

He loves if I or his brother Max stay overnight with him at the hospital. We chat with Jan, telling him stories and what’s new, planning a new life phase and watching movies. It feels like we are having the best days since the accident.

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