Getting Better Every Day

I can see how Jan is becoming stronger and more fit every day a bit more and more.

Today he spent almost all day speaking and breathing on his own.

His sensations don’t change though. He can move head and shoulders, recognize skin touching only till mid of his chest.

Although he has some other interesting sensations, for eg. sometimes he asks to massage his belly. At this moment he can’t feel skin sensation but feels the massage from inside his belly.

Another interesting sensation he experiences is after we wash his body with cold water with a few drops of mint essential oil. This always helps to reduce his high temperature.

At this moment he clearly feels how energy is leaving his body through the skin. He feels this in his arms and legs. Even asked me to wash the legs more precisely, not only from the front. Apparently, he felt the cooling only from the front sides of the legs.

Looks like soon, probably next week, we will leave intensive care station and will move upstairs in the same hospital but different apartment. There Jan will start to do more physiotherapy.

At the moment doctors can’t say precisely about his diagnosis. Only next month will be a more clear picture of Jans trauma.

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