Today I spent a half day with my brother. It was a great day. We shared some special moments. Andreas N., who is also a client at Beelitz Heilstätten, cooked with Peggy (our favourite therapist) for my brother and me. We brought some white wine and champagne for dinner. It was our second dinner together.

We enjoyed the time. We felt like the rebels of Beelitz Heilstätten: Go to bed late, drink some alcohol, make party plans for the coming nights. On this warm April night, there was truly a special feeling in this small kitchen. We drank too much, shared some secrets, and ate a good meal.

One hour later, I brought my big brother to bed and had the chance to reflect for some time over the past months.

Six hours before, we watched — with some other wheelies — some clips about life after rehab. It was interesting and really personal. More than entertainment. True to life. One guy in the clip said, “My aim is life.” Really simple but so necessary.

Seven hours before, my brother and I ate some ice cream on the patio; my brother with sunglasses and me with two ice creams.

I think today we fulfilled the basic aim of life. We lived and I am so hungry for more. Willi, you are so smart, beautiful and strong. I am so proud that you are in my life and live.

Big kiss,


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