New Life Improvements

Since we moved to a new room in a different department many things changed.

Positive changes happened with Jans lung condition. He is breathing without any support for 3 days and looks like he doesn’t need the lung cleaning anymore.

He still has to do coughing with a special machine which is pumping air.

He must do this every day at least 3 times even if he don’t feel like something would come out.

This is important for training his muscles, so he could cough better later.

Every day except Sundays Jan is doing physiotherapy.

There is a team with two energetic nurses helping Jan to move for at least 40 min.

Jan is training slowly to get used to sitting.

This is a quite complicated task for him, because once he gets into vertical position then immediately his blood pressure drops down and Jan is falling out of control.

Some days he could make it sit for 20min, other days it just doesn’t work at all.

It will take some time till Jan could sit. As the nurse said, effort and patience is the key to recovery.

Another reason why the time, until Jan will be sitting, is his wound at the place where the tailbone ends. He got this wound because of long weeks lying on his back.

Especially after operations when he was not moved at all. The wound must heal before Jan will start sitting.

In Jans new room he got a voice-controlled calling system. From now on, he can call me whenever he wants.

Today at 7.45 he was calling me to say “Good morning” and that was such a great moment.

The body temperature is swinging all the time. One day he has a normal temperature but some days it gets very high. It’s a fever that never leaves him since the accident and it might be always like that from now on.

Another nice improvement i would call the Alexa and new tv screen. Jan has incredible colleagues/best friends who keep supporting him and take care of him. So the technical improvement usually comes from his colleagues. Jan can use Alexa for listening music, audiobooks, podcasts, also getting to know news, making agendas and much more. On the same day when we installed a new tv we watched movies. However, there is one major problem when using such a devices in hospital. The hospital internet sometimes stops working (since Friday late evening it’s not working at all). Also almost no mobile internet is working there in hospital. Therefore we must to find out the best internet provider and to get Jan connected to the world. I think good internet is crucial these days and Germany has a room to improve here.

The only one negative change after moving would be less attention from nurses. They always in rush and delaying to come to turn Jan in bed. They all look like tired of their job and being in rush to do the tasks as soon as possible and run to have a cigarette in the balcony. Thats only my impression and i give them a chance to change it next days.


  1. Dear Jan,

    your brother shared your blog for me to know how you are and it is great for me to see you have so much strength and power to master this new life. Feel hugged from me and may this carrying energy never leave you.

    all the best, Dasho

  2. It’s great to see you strong, brother! It’s been a month since last post, how are you doing now? Maybe already back home? Best wishes from Lithuania!

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