The New Front Page Of Jan’s Diary

Laura and I (Tom) only learned of the accident a few days back, were heavily shocked and really didn’t know what to expect when seeing Jan for the first time. I have known Jan since we were kindergarteners and seen many ups and downs on the way, but nothing coming even remotely as close as this accident.

And so I am more than happy to see that he is doing well and mentally preparing for the road ahead of him.

Jan mentioned how one of his physicians described the situation: “Imagine writing a diary and all of the sudden one page gets ripped out and put on the title page”.

The more I think about it, the more it helps me to realize what has happened and what it means for the future.

But what is most important: One single page does not make for a whole book!

First, there is the past with all those things that can’t be changed and sure enough, his accident is part of that. But then again all the good things he has already seen and experienced can’t be undone either.

Secondly, there is everything that is yet to come.

Though the future will be different from what all of us could have ever imagined, Jan and Zivile are mentally preparing for their new life ahead.

We are extremely happy to see that Jan has such a great and strong girlfriend supporting him.

At last, there are those things that will never change.

Like our friendship, his sense of humour or even his appetite…

When we walked into his room this morning at 10 am, Jan woke up, opened his eyes and said: “Good morning guys! Is breakfast ready yet?” And so we all had breakfast.

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