Eating and Drinking

  • 6am The temperature outside is already 39 degrees Celcius
  • 11am Jan is eating Göttespeise pudding and yoghurt
  • 12pm During his physiotherapy session, Jan practises sitting, which is a big task at the moment
  • 1pm A priest advises Jan on how to best move forward in a situation like ours
  • 2.30pm A psychologist visits Jan and advises him on how to deal with daydreaming and nightmares
  • 4pm While changing Jan’s position in bed, liquids move into his lungs and Jan stops receiving air. This happens in under a half a minute but causes us a lot of stress. Doctors give Jan a deep lung cleaning immediately after this happened.

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It has been 21 days since the accident and today Jan had his 20-minute breathing training — which went well! Jan was disconnected from the breathing machine today and he was able to breathe on his own. Me (his girlfriend) and his mother worked together with the nurse to support Jan throughout the training.

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The Big Wave

In this photo, you can see Jan (in the middle), Jan’s father Volker (right), stepmother Sabine (second on the right), and sister Thea (on the left). I, Jan’s girlfriend, am taking this photo on the third vacation day in Cape Verde, Sao Vicente island. This photo was taken on the same day that all of our lives changed forever, veering in a direction which we would never choose on our own. Continue reading The Big Wave